Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunrise at Sanur Beach

Sanur is a coastal stretch of beach of Denpasar city of southeast Bali, about 30 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Beach with white sand, a calm ocean good for diving and snorkeling.

On the past, the northern part of Sanur beach was used as the landing site for the Dutch invasion troops during the Dutch intervention in Bali (1906). During World War II, Sanur was again the entry point through which the Japanese forces landed to occupy the island of Bali.

Today Sanur contains a number of resorts and hotels and is a popular tourist destination.

power by Lumix DMC Lx 5 collaboration with Photoshop CS 2


  1. Such beautiful sunrise photos! I remember staying in Sanur for a few days during my 10 day vacation in Bali back in 1990! I also saw your photo from Candidasa! I was there, too!
    Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo

  2. What do you think Leif...?
    do you want to visit again... (^_^)b
    Kind regards from Indonesia daily photos

  3. It*s very beautiful pictures, especially liked the first...

  4. thanks Барбариска, welcome to Indonesia ... ^.^


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